Thursday, August 16, 2012

Methi ki sabji... with coconut

This Recipe is a mixture of North Indian and South Indian style of cooking..... Another experiment of mine which turned out so well.


* Methi - one bunch as available in market (pick the leaves only and wash it well)
* Onion - 1 big in size (chopped into small pieces)
* Turmeric powder
* Chilli powder
* Coriander powder
* Garam Masala
* Salt
* Grated Coconut


  1. Heat the Kadai, add few mustard seeds and then chopped onions
  2. When they are well cooked, add all the powder mentioned above and salt
  3. Mix well and then add the washed methi leaves
  4. Mix well again and cook it covered for few mins, till the leaves are cooked
  5. Needs stirring in-between to make sure it well mixed and also cooked
  6. When cooked well, add the coconut scrapping and mix well
  7. Let it be in simmer for 2 mins and then turn off the stove
Can be served as a side dish with chapathi as well as rice.......

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