Sunday, April 10, 2011

Microwave Oven

I am looking forward to adjust between the budget and purchase the best Microwave oven. That may help in experimenting cooking in a much broader way with many options. Suggest me which one's best.

My mom use to prepare cakes in a cake oven on stove. I love cakes. I cud smell the aroma of the baking cake whenever i think of it. But since i have very less Kitchen Utensils here and also as i have just started learning to cook i am unable to try everything i come across. So i m seriously thinking of buying a oven and also a nice dinner set for my kitchen next month. Hope it works out...

I just visited the newly opened D-mart in Hinjewadi, which is just a week old. It is yet to be stuffed with items on all the racks and shelves in the first floor. But the Ground floor which has everything related to the Kitchen, food and cooking and was too crowded. To all our joy, the D-mart is just few minutes, walkable distance from our flat. The colourful utensils in Melamine and Glass tempted me and i m now planning for the great purchase for my kitchen soon. I also saw a Sandwich maker, a Mini-Mixer, etc, all for a very reasonable price. I m very tempted by all i saw but lets see how it goes further. Me, living in a shared flat with friends, very far away from home, planning to purchase all the accessories for a perfect kitchen is not a perfect idea. What you say friends.. should i wait till i get to the proper place?


  1. You obviously have a passion for cooking. I say, go for it, and get what you need so you can do what makes you happy now- don't wait for tomorrow; ideal conditions never really happen. You can always put your name on whatever you purchase so there's no question who it belongs to.

  2. Hey.. thanks for ur words kellie.. u r right