Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chole with Soya gravy

I prepared Chole (Chick peas) with Soya (Meal maker) today, as i had soaked chole the previous day itself.

I just had one onion and few green chillis, as i dint had time for shopping. So I pressure cooker boiled both chole and soya with salt and turmeric powder. I had chopped onions and green chillies and few dry curry leaves ready when it was done. So heated the oil in the pan, mustard and cumin seeds as usual, onions, g chilli, curry leaves, saute for a while till onions turn brownish. Then add the boiled stuff along with its water, chole masala, little chilli powder, cumin powder, corainder powder, mix well and let it boil well for 5 mins. At last, add garam masala and switch off the burner after 2 mins. Thats it, the gravy is done and it tasted so good with rice. My friend S, who said "not hungry now", was having lunch along with me, saying wow it smells and tastes so good that i had to eat. Lol.

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